Electronics and new materials

The Department of Electronics and New Materials  mainly deals with the development of systems designed for thin films deposition and of complex materials, through the use of PED (Pulsed Electron Deposition) technologies and of sputtering. Our researchers thus typify our devices, that are producted by filmetrics, XRD e SEM Microscopy. The team is also involved in the creation of a large simulator of extra-terrestrial conditions.

The group’s skills also cover the industrial automation area with experience in automation, sensors and electronic controls with microcontroller and PLC for the automated management of industrial machines (PLC Siemens and Omron PLC systems, National Instrument – based systems). These competences already have led to the creation of an automatic pre-industrial machine for the construction of solar cells (CIGS) 

This Department also deals with the development of custom electronics, from design to final realization. We use high voltage power and impulse systems based on vacuum tube technology (spark gap, thyratron etc.) or solid state systems (SCR, MOSFET etc.). Particular attention is paid to the production of energy from renewable sources.