The 3D CREATOR project responds to the emerging strategic theme ‘human wellbeing’ of Horizon-Europe 2021-2027 and intends to make a relevant contribution to the introduction of technological innovations in the field of degenerative diseases and ageing.

3D CREATOR aims to provide advanced integrated solutions to optimise bioengineered tissue workflows for different applications, both soft tissue and hard tissue. The complete production process takes place in a closed system, from the starting material to the final cellular product. With this flexible technology platform, fully automated cell processing for innovative and complex bioengineered tissue production protocols becomes a reality. 3D CREATOR also wants to develop an innovative control system, which within the same production flow hosts the necessary sensors to continuously monitor the biochemical and mechano-physical variables and, if necessary, to modify the culture environment by adding nutrients, varying temperatures, and stimulating the tissue with mechanical and fluid-dynamic stimuli.

The platform will be equipped with a stimulation module that can be integrated into the bioreactor itself or externally. There are in fact different methods for stimulating cell growth. This varies depending on the type of cell and the physiological (and pathological) stimuli it receives within the native tissue. Stimuli can be varied, from mechanical agitation, perfusion flow and electrostimulation to mechanical stimulation. The bioreactor proposed in the platform uses unidirectional and/or bidirectional perfusion flow for cell seeding and expansion. This type of stimulation helps improve the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the cells, while also maintaining the uniform distribution of cells on the scaffold and reducing nutrient concentration gradients.

3D CREATOR is a project funded by the European Union and the Lazio Region.