In response to the announcement by the Lazio Region "Strategic Projects - POR FESR 2014-2020" the project "Personalized therapeutic treatment of oncological diseases through local drug release and high sensitivity monitoring" was presented. The intended ultimate goal is to develop an integrated therapeutic approach for the treatment of neoplastic diseases through (i) the use of local drug delivery systems, (ii) the "personalization" of therapeutic agent dosage and (iii) monitoring of tumour markers. In particular, the last two clinical activities will be supported by the SERS technology to achieve a high detection sensitivity, while allowing to develop and validate ad hoc sensors as commercial / entrepreneurial output. This proposal is part of the "Life Sciences" Specialization Area, addressing a dual priority theme "Oncology (including anti-cancer)" and "Advanced biosensoristics for living environments, for food, for early diagnosis", as reported in the Smart Specialization Strategy document of the Lazio Region.

The research topic will allow to achieve high scientific and practical aims, favouring an advancement in the treatment of certain tumours that can be widely disseminated in international journals of medicine, pharmacology and biomedical engineering. Each of the partial objectives of which the project is composed represents in itself an innovative element in the treatment and evaluation of the post-operative course: the localized release therapeutic device presents improvement aspects compared to similar systems in terms of conformability and homogeneous diffusion in the site of interest, while SERS sensors can be specially designed so as to optimize their use both to dose the drug and to detect tumour biomarkers. The working group consists of a consortium made up of public, private and business research organizations in order to deal with all the aspects of the project in a homogeneous and concrete manner, both in terms of scientific research and technology transfer activities.

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