In the era of open data, a huge amount of data is made available free of charge by the European Union space infrastructures as well as from other satellites. Unfortunately, the availability of data alone is not sufficient for the development of space economy: it is also necessary to have tools capable of extracting useful information from these data. There is the need to join two ends: on one side there are several entities that could benefit enormously from the use of spatial data but do not have the skills, tools and experience to exploit them, on the other hand, the creation of services and products with added value derived from spatial data by research bodies or specialized companies, does not always find an suitable commercial interface.

To meet these needs, the E. Amaldi Foundation has created K2SPACE, a digital platform that allows to connect the so-called peer producers, i.e. companies and universities that develop and produce services starting from space assets, with consumer peers, namely all the possible users of the services offered by the peer producers. The objective of the K2SPACE platform is to revolutionize the space economy in Europe. K2SPACE is not just a marketplace where supply and demand meet but K2SPACE operates rather as a hub, reorganizing the interaction between the different entities outside the traditional market boundaries.

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