Grants, Planning and Control

Grants, Planning and Control

The Facilitated Finance, Planning and Control Department has a twofold objective. The first is to coordinate the Foundation Research and Development projects and the working groups involved in drafting, implementing and reporting projects, planning resources and defining risk management strategies.
The second objective, as part of Management Control, is to verify that the company management is in line with the pre-established objectives, in terms of schedule, resources and expected results.

Examples of activities are shown below:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of public and private finance opportunities
  • Coordination of project activities
  • Analysis of methods and rules for participation
  • Coordination and support for the working group involved in drafting and implementing projectsEstablishment of management supporting projects activities
  • Budget definition of resources to be committed
  • Definition of risk management strategies
  • Coordination of activities with other partners involved
  • Reporting on the progress of active project activities
  • Analysis and definition of objectives to be achieved and planning 
  • Support the definition of business strategies, plans and implementation programs
  • Support the preparation of budgets
  • Regular company reporting on the performance of the main performance indicators. 


The Facilitated Finance, Planning and Control Department intervenes to support the various functions within the Foundation, in order to allow a real and constant control of the ongoing activities.
On a daily basis it interfaces with all the areas of the Foundation, from which it receives information for monitoring the progress of the planned activities.

The skills in the Department are those of professional figures graduated in economic and/or technical disciplines who have gained knowledge in the field of:

  • structures and work processes of Foundation organization
  • definition of business plans
  • financial analytics
  • statistical knowledge and data analysis
  • control and reporting techniques

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