Electronics, Energy and Materials

Electronics, Energy and Materials

The Energy, Materials and Automation Department consists on a team of electrical engineers and material physicists working mainly with thin film technologies and the growth of complex materials through PED technologies and sputtering.

The competences covers these areas: vacuum technologies, electron guns (national patent), thin films deposition and characterisation through filmetrics, XRD and SEM Microscopy. The implementation of a large-scale space simulator including a solar simulator is on its way.

The team knowledge and competence also cover industrial automation with experiences in automatism, sensors, micro-controllers and PLC electronic controls for the automated management of industrial machinery (Siemens and Omron PLC systems, National Instrument systems) and  
software programming capabilities (LabVIEW, C,C++, JAVA, Ladder etc.). These team has developed aready a pre-industrial automatic machine to build CGIS solar cells. The Department is equipped with tools to develop, design and build custom electronics, covering all phases from the design of the electronic circuit, PCB development, testing and acceptance.

These competences in electronics cover also power supply systems and high-voltage pulses both through vacuum tubes technology (spark gap, thyratron etc.) and solid state systems (SCR, MOSFET etc.).

The team has also competences in technologies for the production of energy from renewable sources, in particular standard and thin film photovoltaic cells, with a pending patent application for a CIGS based solar cells.

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