Cybersecurity for Space

Cybersecurity for Space 

Almost every aspect of modern society depends heavily on networks and telecommunications systems.

Many critical ICTs relies on satellite data and space infrastructures, which are, at the same time, vehicles and targets for cyberattacks. This vulnerability constitutes a serious danger for terrestrial infrastructures. This may also be a threat to the economic development of the society.

For these reasons, cyber security of the space systems should not be conducted exclusively in terms of combating cyber-attacks deployed through space assets (vehicle), but also in terms of security and reliability of space technologies (target).

The space sector consists of a chain of strategic technologies and activities such as meteorology and navigation, to be considered as "critical infrastructures" as their damage could in turn impacts on the civil and defense activities of individual states.

Since most of the satellites orbiting around the Earth cross territories of different nations and considering that the data that they provide are used worldwide, the risk posed by attacks to such infrastructures is certainly international in scope.

The speed at which technology evolves makes it difficult, if not impossible, to find all possible response to cyber attacks on space assets. A flexible approach allowing the development of standards based on several techniques as collaborative systems, risk assessment, dissemination and exchange of knowledge and innovation could help in obtaining an agile and effective responses to threats.

In the field Space, the E. Amaldi Foundation aims to set up a space cyber security center, based on a team of experts to study and implementing methods and procedures for the prevention and control of cyberattacks.

The center will be operated in collaboration with experts belonging to private and public bodies operating in the field of space.

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