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Business Applications


“Space Economy” means the value chain which, starting from the Space Industry, i.e. research, development and the process of creating enabling space infrastructures (upstream), get to the making of products and enabling innovative services (downstream). These may be services of telecommunication, navigation, positioning, environmental monitoring, weather forecast, and so on.
From this point of view, Italy has a strong position since it is one of the very few nations in the world which has a complete supply chain in the space sector.

The graph below shows the organization of the value chain in the space sector in Italy.

Organization of the value chain in the space sector in Italy.

With the transition from the space industry to Space Economy, besides the development of space infrastructures services and products, there is also a fundamental mainstay, namely the non-space infrastructures and support technologies required to make the services available. 
The E. Amaldi Foundation through the Department of Business Applications, is an accelerator for innovation and transfer technology aiming is to be a “bridge” between stakeholders of different sectors making the stream of knowledge and technologies easier from an upstream sector to a downstream one and vice versa. 

This role is possible through the complete analysis of businness opportunities, both exploiting space technologies searching for alternative utilizations of these technologies in the same sector or in other sectors, in full or in part, as well as performing businness economic sustainability analysis – financial and commercial. This is possible thanks to the support people with different backgrounds: economic-financial, international policies, administrative, science and engineering.

The Amaldi Foundation provides financial analysis support for Space Tech start-ups not only on public institutions calls, but also towards the private finance world.

This undertaking aim to create a link between private research and private finance.

Each year, a Report about the space sector trends is produced by the Business Analysis team analyzing market trends and providing informations to the stakeholders. 

The Business Applications Department of the Amaldi Foundation is involved in all activities, from monitoring and analysis of space sector to the support of innovative start-ups and SME which use space technologies.

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