The E. Amaldi Foundation Bioengineering Department is active in the design, development and characterization of tools which are relevant for technology transfer in life sciences. It promotes participation in research projects by participating to regional, national and international tenders, aggregating of both academic and industrial partners and coordinating the related consortium.

The Bioengineering Department has promoted the establishment of a KET Lab (Key Enabling Technologies) Laboratory) at the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna integrating and supporting an entrepreneurial approach to applied scientific research in the space life sciences area.

The Department is currently working at the fabrication and characterization of biorexorbable structures (scaffolds) for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine and on the development of innovative sensors for clinical diagnostics.

Tissue engineering is a frontier research field, since scaffolds allow for the regeneration of functional tissues, following a trauma or pathology, reproducing temporarily and as faithfully as possible the natural microenvironment. To this purpose, at the Bioengineering Department different methods are used, such as electrospinning and 3D printing, to ensure that the final structure meets specific requirements to be evaluated within the collaborative network established and coordinated by the Department as an integral part of its activities.

For what concerns the sensor industry, the synergic combination of nanomaterials and biotechnologies allows for the development of highly selective and highly sensitive detection devices for oncology applications. Being able to measure extremely limited concentrations of pathological markers means having a very valuable tool in terms of very early diagnosis. A similar result can be achieved by suitably functionalising the measurement substrate and analyzing it using SERS (surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy), allowing signals of interest to be amplified by several orders of magnitude. In the field of sensors for the SERS technology, the Department has activated several collaborations aimed to the development of measuring devices for applications in the pharmacological and in the agri-food field.

The ongoing activities and those already planned are made possible thanks to the integration of different professional profiles from the fields of biomedical engineering, materials science and chemistry.

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